Friday, October 31, 2008

The Rest of the Youssefpour story.

So, it turns out that Mike Youssefpour didn't go to the doctor on the coast that night. He drove his stick shift truck one armed back to LA and went to the doctor 2 days later(with no pain killers yet!). He walked in and said that he thought that he might have broken his wrist. When he held it up for them to see, they said, "You think?". They did an x-ray and it was for sure broken. They wanted to operate and Mike said the only way they could operate was with him on no pain killers and Mike wanted to be awake. The Doctor said he couldn't do that, it would be inhumane and probably have some liability issues. The Dr. agreed to try to set it without pain killers. He put Mike's arm in one of those elevated traction sling dealies and put it back into position with Mike screaming obscenities all the while. Yikes!

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