Sunday, October 19, 2008

Mike Youssefpour is a Badass!

There are plenty of crazy stories about our friend Mike Youssefpour. He's an eccentric dude and has a lot of little idiosyncrasies, rituals and phobias. I love the guy, he's funny and really cares about things and friends.
Saw him two nights ago at the Romona Rumble contest as I was walking to my car after shooting photos.
He had his wrist wrapped in ice and when he showed his wrist to me, I was amazed he wasn't at the ER, his wrist was tweaked! Broken or dislocated, it was bent. He informed me that he had done it earlier in the day and gone to Tri City hospital in Oceanside some 40 miles away, got tired of the wait in the ER and drove straight back to the contest. Mike doesn't take pain killers, he's gnarly like that. He then followed me back the 40 miles back on country curvy roads to Encinitas where he was supposedly going to an Urgent Care. Maybe he did, maybe he didn't.

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