Monday, December 15, 2008

20"x24" Polaroids

Tim Mantoani is a hot commercial photographer in San Diego who owns a 20"x24" Polaroid camera.
Tim is currently working on a photo project/book/show, Behind Photographs which focuses on renowned photographers(not that I am renowned) shot with their iconic images. I chose my Chris Miller Pole Cam photo as my iconic image, it's one of my favorite images. These cameras are amazing, they are the size of a dishwasher(the machine) on a trolley and the Polaroid film comes in 40 and 60 foot rolls and each image is 20"x24" straight out of the camera. I have had the privilege of shooting with one of these Mammoth cameras on a couple of occasions and they are simply mind-blowing. The bad news is that Polaroid is ceasing film production and these cameras will go the way of the Dodo, a victim of the Digital Age. RIP.


Alexander Gil said...

Those polaroid cameras are huge. I was lucky enough to assist a photographer that used one of those. The images are stunning.

Alexander Gil said...
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